A Dynamic Entrepreneur Appointed as Chief Communications Officer at Dyzrupt Ltd.

With the latest movement of Dyzrupt operations into the South African market, the company has taken a strategic decision to reshuffle staff to effectively fulfill its mandate. The reshuffle has brought Shannon Ross Dalton, a South African-born and bred professional, to join the Dyzrupt team as the Chief Communications Officer effective 07 July 2021.

Mr. Dalton has a passion for people, which started his journey in creating a strong network amongst various South African communities. He is currently part of multiple South African brands and the Chairperson of Hi-Grow Association, a non-profit organization. His aim is to create a brighter future for all Africans to live in.

About his new appointment at Dyzrupt LTD, Mr. Dalton said, “The opportunity for me to be part of such a company and movement, whose ideals align with my own businesses’ vision, is a huge privilege. Together we can create a more unified and inclusive continent!”

With the latest developments in the Dyzrupt eco-system, the introduction of the likes of Mr. Dalton and HALP! Media is essential to help Dyzrupt realize its potential.



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